Cross River Falls

Cross River Falls Schroeder

Beautiful waterfalls dot the North Shore landscape, and the Cross River Falls is probably one of the easiest to see on your next visit to the north woods. Located right in the small town of Schroeder, Minnesota, these falls are part of a wayside rest park that is actually larger than nearby Temperance River State Park. One of the falls cascades down literally within feet of Highway 61 and can be easily viewed from the highway overpass, which has a pedestrian walkway.

There’s also a special, hidden surprise waiting for you just on the other side of the bridge. After enjoying the views of the waterfalls, cross the street (heading toward Lake Superior) and look for a trail that leads down to another portion of the river. Take the steep, short trail and you’ll be able to see the second drop of the falls at an amazing angle that most visitors overlook. You may have to do some rock-hopping to get there, but the views are worth it.

The best time to view the Cross River Falls is in the spring when the raging waters caused by snow melt rushes toward Lake Superior. They are also exceptionally beautiful after a heavy rainfall in the summer and fall months, and remain active even during most of the dry season. If you can’t stop to see them, at least take a moment to roll down your car windows so you can hear the rushing water as you pass over the bridge.

The Cross River Heritage Center is located on the southwest side of the river and is worth a stop-in, as well!

Getting There
Drive into the town of Schroeder and the falls are hard to miss! There are two parking lots: one on the southeast side of the falls and one on the northwest side.