Oberg Mountain Loop Hike

Oberg Mountain Loop Hike

The Oberg Loop is a spur trail of the Superior Hiking Trail located between the towns of Tofte and Lutsen. It is one of the most popular hikes in the area because of its incredible views of Lake Superior, Oberg Lake and the Sawtooth Mountains.

The loop is approximately 2.3 miles in length, round trip. When traveling the loop counter clockwise, hikers will first see an overlook of LeVeaux Mountain to the west followed by excellent overlooks of Lake Superior to the south. On clear days, hikers will be able to view miles of the North Shore. As the trail wraps around the top of Oberg Mountain, incredible views of the Sawtooth Mountains and Oberg Lake become visible.

The loop makes for a wonderful hike year-round. However, it is favored by many in the fall when the blazing orange and red maple leaves to the north and the yellow aspen and birch leaves to the south make the hills come alive with vibrant color. It is also an excellent time to spot migrating birds that funnel down along the shore of Lake Superior to reach their winter homes.

Getting There
From Tofte, go northeast on MN Highway 61 for almost five miles until you see the Onion River Road. Take a left and proceed up the road approximately 2.1 miles until you reach the parking lot.

Note: Though there is no reason to leave them behind, be cautious when bringing children and keep them in hand near overlooks.