Snowshoeing on the North Shore

Snowshoeing on the North Shore

Snowshoeing is a popular hobby for many people in northern Minnesota. It’s an easy sport to get into and people of most ages and fitness level can partake in it. Strap on a pair of wooden or metal frames and explore the great outdoors this winter season!

Although the origin of the snowshoe is somewhat controversial, the snowshoe has changed over history. Beginning with hardwood frames and rawhide lacings many, many years ago, snowshoes have developed into a more modern metal and plastic framework to make hiking today even more enjoyable. Even with more technologically advanced snowshoes, some believe that the traditional wooden snowshoe makes for a better experience.

Where do people go snowshoeing on the North Shore? The sky (or should we say snow) is the limit! Some of our favorite North Shore snowshoeing spots are listed below.

If you’re looking to rent snowshoes, many parks, and local businesses (see below) rent them for reasonable prices and provide excellent service for visitors. Businesses include:

  • Sawtooth Outfitters | 7213 Highway 61, Tofte | (218) 663-7643
  • Stone Harbor Wilderness Supply | 22 East 1st Street, Grand Marais | (218) 387-3136

Some of the most beautiful views exist during the winter months. Don’t let the snow stop you from getting outside and experiencing all that the North Shore has to offer.